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Infusion Controllers

The most advanced modded controller on the market. Program your own mods and rapid fire speeds by a push of a button. Combine multiple mods and use them at the same time, create your unstoppable modded controller! Prices starting at $119.99 includes every mod available on the market infused into one controller. A $200.00 value can be yours for only $119.99. Ships now, arrives in three days! Order today!

What makes infusion so special?

The infusion modded controller is completely indomitable. We are in no way, shape, or form exaggerating or overhyping this outstanding technology. First off let me explain the terms; mode, function, and sub mode. Now you're probably familiar with the first one "mode", although our modes are far different from our competitors. Other suppliers use as a single program of your choosing for each mode. Then you hold the button for a couple seconds, and it changes the mode. Spending a ridiculous amount of time cycling through all of their "modes" just to get to one mod (i.e; Rapid Fire, Akimbo, Dropshot, etc.). How the modes work with infusion has changed the face of controller modding. The first thing you do when setting up our controller is set the mode, or I like to call it "Game Mode". This is something that is only set once, depending on how many games you play. Once you set the game mode its free reign to over 500 functions! This brings us to the second term "function". The program of the actual mod; fast reload, auto aim, quickscope, and many more. To turn them on simply click a button combination, each function has a different combo. There is no limit to how many functions you want to turn on, heck turn them all on if you want! Nothings stopping your gaming experience with this controller, the possibilities are endless. Just wait there's more, now I will cover the "sub modes". This is where you can actually change the behavior of any function. For example; program dropshot to only kick in when your character isn't aiming. You can set the jumpshot mode for a single jump, many jumps, and then slow, medium, and fast. We make sure that you are able to adjust every little detail to your choosing. There are many different features and functions that you will only find on infusion programming, and we will list them for you. (NO OTHER COMPANY SUPPLIES THIS)

  • Multi Mod Functionality
  • Easy Master Reset
  • Sub Modes
  • Memory Mod (Remembers what game mod your on, even if the batteries are out!)
  • Battlefied 3 Auto Spotting
  • Simple Button Combinations (Corresponding to the actual button)
  • Advanced Feature Management (Disable functions you don't use)

These are just the main features that separate our products, and make the infusion mod the #1 Modded Controller in the world.

Why us?

Thanks for your interest in Dynamic Essentialz, Inc., your worldwide leader in modding technology. Deciding where to buy your modded controller from, can be hard. We are exceedingly confident that after only a few minutes on this website, making that decision will be hands-down, effortless. There are many reasons why you should choose Dynamic Essentialz, Inc. for your modification needs. Our staff team contains an excellent set of technical engineering skills and has had their experience in this business for more than eight years. Perfection and top quality products are our number one priority. All our competitors are just in it for a quick buck, their first thought is to take your money and ship the items. We are the real organization, and the real gamers. Our team knows what you’re seeking and makes sure you obtain it. Here at Dynamic Essentialz, Inc., we have invented an incredibly proficient, unfluctuating controller. We encourage everyone to compare the Infusion mod, with our competitors poorly designed game mods. Not only do we provide the most sound modded controller in the world, we are also constantly updating the controllers with new features. All items are real genuine controllers; we spend most of our time unpacking them from the manufacturer’s boxes. We pack all items securely to make sure they arrive in impeccable condition. The game controllers we sell are flawless, and a zero tolerance for error has been strongly enforced. All of our products are tested twice, using advanced system programming to confirm that they are uncorrupted. Shipping is prompt, and our structured inventory system makes certain that your order is getting out on time. We love our customers, and you will always receive first-class service. Emails are replied to in a timely manner and we always enjoy helping you on the phone. Please feel free to contact us any time, and thank you for choosing Dynamic Essentialz, Inc.



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