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Infusion Controllers

The most advanced modded controller on the market. Program your own mod and rapid fire speeds with simple button combinations. Combine multiple mods and use them at the same time to create your unstoppable modded controller! Prices starting at $89.99 including every mod available on the market infused into one controller. A $200.00 value can be yours for only $89.99. Experience great service with some of the industry's fastest assembly and shipping times! Order today!

What makes Infusion so special?

Our Infusion controller is indomitable, and its outstanding technology has completely changed the face of controller modding. Forget about agonizing over which mod pack to choose. No more tedious cycling through endless mod combinations to reach the one you want to use. ALL of our mods will be available - you simply turn on exactly the mod (or mods) you want using a simple two button combination for each mod. Full color instructions are provided with every controller. Several mods include sub modes to adjust their functionality to your preference. For example: program Drop Shot to only kick in when your character isn't aiming; set Jump Shot for a single jump or many jumps. Advanced programming features and speeds are available for power users, but are not required for players who just want to get in the game quickly! Some of our Infusion modded controllers' key features:

  • Multi Mod Functionality
  • Easy Master Reset
  • Sub Modes
  • Memory Mod (Remembers your settings, even if the batteries are out!)
  • Battlefied Auto Spotting
  • Simple Button Combinations (Corresponding to the actual button)
  • Advanced Feature Management (Disable functions you don't use)

These are just the main features that separate our products, and make our Infusion mod the #1 Modded Controller in the world.

Why us?

Thanks for your interest in Dynamic Essentialz, Inc., your worldwide leader in controller modding technology. Deciding which modded controller company to trust with your business can be difficult. At Dynamic Essentialz, we strive to provide our customers with the best service and value at a fair price. Here are some of our features that set us apart:

  • Top-notch customer service: feel free to contact us during business hours or receive a prompt reply to after-hours messages. And then try to get through to the competition.
  • We use only the best components, beginning with brand new, genuine Microsoft and Sony controllers. We never sell second-hand or third party items as "new products".
  • Every controller is built to order, assembled by hand, and then sent through a rigorous two stage testing process on an advanced software driver and then on an actual gaming console.
  • IPC trained lead technician with over a decade of professional experience handling and soldering small electronics.
  • Some of the fastest standard processing and shipping times in the industry, provided free of charge within the US.Expedited assemby and shipping options are available for customers with deadlines.
  • A powerful, optimized Infusion mod chip which provides simple functionality for most users with in-depth programming options for power users.



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